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------- Comment #61 from eric at webkit.org  2007-11-19 01:04 PDT -------
Ok.  I'm ready to start landing these suckers.  After all these patches, RegExp
is 18.8% faster.  Other tests are randomly slower and faster.  None of them
beyond 2.7% slower (controlflow-recursive) or 2.9% faster (math-cordic).  These
are all tests which have nothing to to with RegExps.

Getting this in will allow others (like darin, ggaren) to pick off some of the
remaining low-hanging fruit in the RegExp engine (now that one can actually
begin to tell what the code is trying to do!)

If you would like any of the patches re-attached in a white-space ignoring form
(or if you'd like a combined patch) I'm happy to provide.  I hope this "do lots
of work in git and upload all the little patches" approach is a help, not a
hinderance.  I plan to land these all individually (with changelogs), as then
it's very easy to track any accidental regressions.

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