[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 16030] Add support for OpenSearch to WebCore with an API usable by various ports

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> This may be something that a web browser would like to support, but I don't
> think it makes sense for WebKit to provide it.

Yeah that was kind of my first thought too. But I figured if someone (like
myself) did the work, adding it to WebKit would make it easier for other ports
to use it. With Firefox and even IE7 supporting it, I think it is becoming a de
facto standard for specifying how to search with a given service.

> There is nothing about the
> specification that requires WebCore-level integration, 

Will the HTML parser show <link rel="search" /> tags in the DOM? In other words
if the engine doesn't directly support a "callback" when it finds those tags,
will the browser be able to look over the DOM and find them? I am not yet
familiar with that part of the WebKit code and don't know if "unknown tags" are
not put in the DOM.

> so in this instance I
> think it would make sense to be implemented as a separate WebKit-using library
> rather than as part of WebKit itself.

Is there any precedent for libraries that build on top of WebKit like this? How
would other WebKit developers find such libraries? Is there a place to register
them so others can find them?

Because I think this idea is fine, but it would be nice if there was an
infrastructure for it.

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