[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 15717] Printing from PDF crashes every time

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Fri Nov 2 06:28:46 PDT 2007


------- Comment #8 from treystudley at earthlink.net  2007-11-02 06:28 PDT -------
Sorry for the delay--I haven't had time to test the last few days. To answer
your questions: 

IRS W-4 does cause a crash (along with any other PDF I have tried to print
through the browser--both Safari and WebKit)

I do have said Flash and Acrobat versions, as well as DivXDecoder (is that a

I'm not sure how to connect another printer that is not present, and I
currently only have the Epson to print to (aside from Acrobat print to PDF).
Interestingly, the "save as pdf" via OSX in the print dialogue does work fine,
but printing to Acrobat 8 printer (to default, standard settings) crashes just
like printing to the Epson.

Activity Monitor shows I have plenty of memory available (about 1.7 GB
free)--additionally, I tested on fresh boot with no other apps running.

All that's left is uninstalling Acrobat, which I was hoping to not have to do,
but I will get back on that.

(In reply to comment #7)
> Thanks for the crash log, Trey.
> You said "any" URL causes this error.  Humor me.  Does it crash printing
> http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw4.pdf after loading it in the browser?
> It appears you have Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional, Flash and
> DivXDecoder 6.4.0  installed as well.
> What type of Epson Inkjet printer are you printing to?
> Does the crash occur if you "Save as PDF" instead of trying to print the
> document?  (I realize this is redundant, but I'm trying to determine the extent
> of the behavior.)
> If you create a different printer (such as an Apple LaserWriter Pro 630) and
> print to that, does Safari still crash?
> If you uninstall Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional (or print to the same printer
> form a different Mac OS X 10.4.10 system), does the crash still occur?
> If you have the "Activity Monitor" application open while you try to print,
> does it show that your computer is running low on free memory?

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