[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 13890] [gdk] Use a GtkLayout for the ScrollView implementation to get real scrollbars

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------- Comment #7 from freyther at handhelds.org  2007-05-29 02:18 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #6)
> Will this GtkLayout thing work for subframe scrolling, and will it let the view
> make its own scroll view if it is in the window with other contents? I am not
> sure how GtkLayout works.

Honest answer is I don't know. But it is unlikely that it will work. Currently
the Gdk FrameLoaderClient is returning 0 on the request to create a new Frame.

>From what I can see is that we only have one FrameView at a time? So the
SubFrame's are within the FrameTree of the 'initial'/main Frame? How is the Mac
port handling scrolling of SubFrames? Is it using PlatformScrollbar +
RenderLayout::setScrollOffsetX,Y for that? Or do you have more than one NSView?

Looking forward to chat about this, I will try to understand how the Mac port
is doing this. And I don't understand the second part of the question. Do you
mean having another ScrollView inside the FrameView?

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