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> Frame Page source

When I open http://bugs.webkit.org/attachment.cgi?id=14691 in my WebKit nightly
build, I don't see the huge tabs.  Do you see them, Jim?  If so, try saving a
.webarchive of this page (using the steps below as a guideline) and attaching
it to this bug.

If not, we're going to need another attachment.  (I apologize, but without a
Schwab account, it's not possible to reproduce.)  This is probably the best

1. Launch WebKit nightly.
2. Go to a page with big tabs.
3. Select "Save As.." from the "File" menu.
3. Change the "Format" pop-up to "Web Archive".
4. Save the file.

To make sure that we've captured the large tabs:

1. Log out of Schwab.
2. Quit the WebKit nightly.
3. Launch the WebKit nightly.
4. Open the .webarchive file saved above.

The huge tabs should still appear.  If they don't, post a comment here since we
need another strategy.

If the huge tabs DO appear, please post the webarchive file.

You might also grab another nightly to make sure the huge tabs haven't
mysteriously fixed themselves as well!  http://nightly.webkit.org/

> I designed a 7 processor, Z80, CP/M system using multiple, 64K, pages of memory
> in 1977.  We had it done when I met Dr Gary Kindahl (I hope I spelled his name
> correct).  The guy Gates lifted DOS from.  We used a register scheme to pass
> information and control operation much like, I think, Gates did with Windows.

Wow!  That system was definitely way ahead of it's time!

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