[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 13455] FrameView::layout() not always resuming scheduled events

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Fri May 25 10:55:50 PDT 2007


------- Comment #11 from kevino at theolliviers.com  2007-05-25 10:55 PDT -------
BTW, I wanted to give an update on this. I've done some more testing and found
that the underlying cause was that I was trying to schedule layouts during size
events. I was doing this for performance reasons - we support live resize on
Mac and I didn't want the repaints to cause the resize to be sluggish. In any
case, I realize now that this solution wasn't the correct one, and have
corrected my code so that it does not assert. 

Based on that, I think Hyatt's comment about asserting is a good idea - if it
had asserted when I first added the code, I wouldn't have had to track down
what change caused it. I'll try to take some time out this weekend to prepare a
patch and submit it.

Thanks for all your help on this and sorry I mistook a problem with the port
for a WebCore issue. :-/

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