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------- Comment #8 from beidson at apple.com  2007-05-25 10:48 PDT -------
I suppose I had two points -

re: SQL vs CG, my point was there are *CG only* files that are simply not
included in non-CG builds - the same pattern holds for a lot of other platform
or library specific files.

My main point was re: the uglification of the IconDatabase code.  We try to
keep our cross-platform .cpp files as clean as possible and I like that!  Some
of the really complicated, large classes can't help but have some #ifdef blocks
creep in there, but we largely avoid it by subclassing or splitting
implementations between platform specific and non-specific files.

I'm not saying that we don't care about platforms without sqlite and that we
shouldn't make a fix here to support them - I'm just saying this solution is

Perhaps reorganizing the header, putting a few intelligent #ifdefs there, then
having two implementation files would be better.  IconDatabaseSqlite and
IconDatabaseNone (the names need a little work..)  :)

You could then conditionally comment out one or the other implementation file
based on the new flag.

Still suboptimal, but a lot prettier...

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