[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 13813] REGRESSION: Banner is about 10x too big

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> Created an attachment (id=14685)
 --> (http://bugs.webkit.org/attachment.cgi?id=14685&action=view) [edit]
> HTML source file Offending Page
> Sorry about the file.  I had made it before your email.

It's not a problem!  I could have been much clearer when asking for the HTML
source code.

Unfortunately, I need you to do one more thing.  You did save the source of the
page correctly, but after opening it, I realized it uses <iframe> elements
(tags) to load sub-pages into the main page.  The navigation tabs that are too
big are in one of those, so we need the the source for that <iframe>.  Here's

1. Open the page in your nightly WebKit build.
2. While holding the Ctrl key, press the left mouse button while the mouse
pointer is over one of the huge tabs.  (Note that if your Mac has a one-button
mouse, just click the one button.)  (If you have a two- or three-button mouse,
this is the equivalent of a right-mouse-click.)
3. You should see a menu that includes "Save Frame As..." item.  If not, stop
here and report back.
4. Select "Save Frame As...", then save the file in "Page Source" format again,
and attach it to this bug.

> Technology has passed me.  Bare with me I will catch up, albeit slowly.   

It hasn't passed you by, you're still using it!  :)  The basics haven't changed
in decades--the hardware has just gotten a little faster and the software has
gotten bloated.

> There were three of us that did the display system for Apollo 13.  I designed
> the judges stations for the 1972 Olympics and few more projects before retiring
> in 1999.  I also worked on the display systems for the moon walk.

Wow.  I bet you have quite a few stories to tell!  Have you met Lovell, Swigert
and Haise?  Were you able to attend the 1972 Olympics?

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