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> (In reply to comment #5)
> > I normally leave Safari running for many days or even weeks between restarts,
> > and almost every time shortly after a relaunch I get excessive disk accesses
> > for a few minutes which renders the application almost completely unresponsive.
> > I've looked at it in gdb and it's the expiration process for the disk cache
> > that deletes a lot of files.
> This mechanism has been rewritten with the WebKit nightly builds.  It would be
> good to test using WebKit instead of Safari for the same amount of time to see
> if you experience the same issues.  (You should not--please file a bug if you
> do!)

The *disk cache* is not part of WebKit, it is down in the Foundation layer. 
The in-memory cache in WebCore has been reworked recently, but we obviously
haven't changed the disk cache behaviour from WebKit.  My understanding of the
way the Foundation disk cache works is that it does expire resources
incrementally so the behaviour described would be a bug.  It'd be handy if you
could provide `sample' output from when Safari is hanging so we can see what is
going on.

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