[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 13664] Extra letter in Webkit/Spell Catcher Shorthand (abbreviation) expansion

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------- Comment #5 from chetgw at gmail.com  2007-05-14 20:41 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #4)
l. “Prevent double spaces” has no effect; i.e. typing two or three spaces after
a word leaves two or three spaces in the text.

2. "Suppress separator" works as expected but again, the first letter of the
abbreviation is left in place.

3. “typing a tab instead of a space” causes some really bizarre things to
happen. The first time I tried it, the abbreviation stayed in place but the
expansion ended up in the Google Search box at the top of the window!??! I
abandoned that draft and opened a new one. This time the abbreviation remained
in place but with no expansion and the TAB caused the cursor to flip to the
Google Search box. Subsequent attempts to duplicate the results of the first
time TAB was used as the separator just caused the cursor to end up in the
Google Search box without the expansion.

Mailplane has a preference item to ”Enable rich text editing by using Webkit
nightly”. When this item is unchecked (disabled), all is well with the only
problem that remains being that of using TAB as the separator. In this case,
the expansion is fine but the cursor is still placed in the Google Search box.


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