[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 13664] Extra letter in Webkit/Spell Catcher Shorthand (abbreviation) expansion

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------- Comment #2 from evan at rainmakerinc.com  2007-05-12 22:52 PDT -------
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> When composing a message in Gmail with Safari/Webkit or Mailplane (beta),
> typing a Spell Catcher abbreviation causes the first letter of the abbreviation
> to be appended to the expansion.  E.g. if I type “btw“ it gets expanded to “bBy
> the way”. This does not happen in Camino nor in any word processor/text editor
> that I have tried.
> Chet
> Safari 2.0.4; Spell Catcher 10.2.3

Hi folks, been a while since I've last looked at the state of text input with

First off, tell me whether the Spell Catcher preference (Interactive pane,
Typing tab) to "Make replacements directly (without backspacing) where
possible" is selected (for Safari if you have it in the Applications drawer) or

This preference exists specifically to work-around bug 4681.

Figuring out exactly what's wrong depends largely on whether this preference is
selected. It may also be nice to know what happens when you change that

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