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------- Comment #7 from hyatt at apple.com  2007-05-12 03:03 PDT -------
WebKit's model is to detect when you enter stray table content.  When this
happens you pull that content out and put it before the table.  (Firefox does
this as well for the div that is inside the table.  Where we differ is with
what happens next.  We assume that until we encounter a <tr> or <td> that we
are still inside that stray table content.  I guess Mozilla assumes <table>
should end the stray table content section.

Because we put the second <table> inside the <div>, when we hit the first
close</div>, we close up the stray table content and then we are back inside
the outer table.  The second </div> is not sufficient to close up (since </div>
never wins when inside a <table>), and so the <p> ends up inside the <div> as

Firefox closes up the stray content the minute it hits the second table, and so
the first </div> encountered actually closed up the *outer* div.  The second
</div> is then ignored.  The <p> is then outside the outer div.

I'll have to go study the HTML5 spec.  It may be that <table> is on the list of
tags to be considered as "ending" stray table content.  I'm not so sure that it
should be though, since you should really be looking for things that would
logically be elements of *your* table (like <tr> and <td> and <tbody> etc.).

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