[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 13682] REGRESSION (r21186-r21368): Selection and Find are very slow

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------- Comment #1 from justin.garcia at apple.com  2007-05-11 15:09 PDT -------
Brady narrowed this down to r21270.  Here's some discussion from the radar
(<rdar://problem/5193416> REGRESSION: Selection on large pages extremely slow):

5/10/07 12:10 PM Justin Garcia:
Looks like most of the time is being spent in currentTextBreakLocaleID() from
TextBreakIteratorInternalCUMac.mm.  Here's a comment from that function:

// NOTE: this abviously could be fairly expensive to do.  If it turns out to be
a bottleneck, it might
// help to instead put a call in the iteratory initializer to set the current
text break locale.  Unfortunately,
// we can not cache it across calls to our API since the result can change
without our knowing (AFAIK
// there are no notifiers for AppleTextBreakLocale and/or AppleLanguages

5/10/07 12:16 PM Justin Garcia:
Strangely though, it doesn't look like calling currentTextBreakLocalID() every
time we need to find the next sentence boundary was new in Steve's patch.

5/10/07 12:36 PM Justin Garcia:
Since we called currentTextBreakLocalID() under the same circumstances before
Steve's patch, and since his patch didn't appear to change that function, I
would guess that the regression happened in r21222, when we started passing the
grammar checking code sentence sized chunks in respondToChangedSelection.  We
could conditionals the creation of those sentence sized selections on
editor()->isGrammarCheckingEnabled(), but then we'd still have to deal with the
regression on Leopard.

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