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------- Comment #11 from robburns1 at mac.com  2007-03-22 11:49 PDT -------
OK, I've looked into this some more and I think this bug should be reopened.
These decompositions ddo not imply deprecated.These normalizations are only for
string processing and shouldn't effect display. Above all, the character should
be displayed as the author entered character using the glyph designated by the
font for that character and not for the character from the normalizaed string
(this is the distinct from SGML/XML normalization if I understand those
correctly). A few examples.

U+2124 (ℤ) Double-struck Capital Z has a decomposition of U+005A (Z) Latin
Capital Letter Z
U+2126 (Ω) Ohm sign has a decomposition of U+03A9 (Ω) Greek Capital Letter

In both of these cases, the normalization of string that differ only by the
decomposition should bre treated as identical strings for sort and searching.
However, the display of these strings should always use the glyphs from the
font for the original (pre-normalized) characters. If not then the
double-struck capital letter  Z would never be displayed double-struck.

So it's the same for the left and right angle brackets. The normalization
should not effect the rendering. So I think this is a separate issue to bug
8738. Bug 8738 is appropriately about comparing 2 strings for length and
retrieving a composed character from an index in the string. It's all about
string comparison; not about rendering the string.

Again, I think this should be reopened. (thanks for the tip on UnicodeChecker

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