[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 13139] Font not inherited when font-family does not match a font.

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------- Comment #7 from nanobot at gmail.com  2007-03-20 20:37 PDT -------
>From the CSS 2.1 specification

"If there is no font within the family selected in 2, then use a UA-dependent
default 'font-family' and repeat step 2, using the best match that can be
obtained within the default font."

So if no font is matched, the browser is supposed to simply pick a default font
to try. The spec doesn't seem to suggest that the value should be inherited
from the parent. And if you think about it, if the webpage author is trying to
change a font for a given element, there isn't really a reason to assume that
the parent font is any better a match for the intended new font than some
generic default font.

That said, the spec leaves this "default" up to the browser and doesn't seem to
put any restrictions on how the browser may choose that default font. Since the
spec allows the UA to pick whatever font it feels like in the worst case
scenario, I'm not sure that inheriting the parent would be considered incorrect

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