[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 13139] Font not inherited when font-family does not match a font.

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Tue Mar 20 19:58:32 PDT 2007


------- Comment #5 from esprehn at gmail.com  2007-03-20 19:58 PDT -------
Seems reasonable to me to assume that if the font can't be found the generic
family of the parent should be inherited.

Put differently, if I specify that the entire page should be sans-serif by
adding a font-family to the body then a unmatched font family on child element
should not assume a "random" font. I say random because the default font in my
browser is not serif, but rather sans-serif (Helvetica Neue).

Why should Safari choose a font that is not my default browser font if it can't
match one? If not taking the parent element's font then the default browser
font from the preferences should be used.

Also the behavior as it stands now is inconsistent with every other major
browser (Opera, IE, Firefox) and old versions of Safari which is going to lead
to Safari being the odd one out on many websites in terms of font rendering.

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