[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 13029] Permit NPAPI plug-ins to see HTTP response headers

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------- Comment #10 from dmeketa at adobe.com  2007-03-13 16:33 PDT -------
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> I think the comments "not implemented in WebKit" in the npapi.h header are a
> bit misleading. For one thing, these features are "not implemented *yet* in
> WebKit". For another, this really should be a shared copy of a common header,
> not a WebKit-specific one.
> I can't decide what I want here, but I figured I'd at least share my thoughts.

Funny, I actually started by writing "not yet implemented in WebKit".  But then
I changed my mind and decided to just imitate what was already written
elsewhere in many places in npapi.h.  After all, who am I to decide what will
never be implemented and what is expected to be implemented eventually?  This
needs feedback from many other people than me, and I'd prefer to land this with
the current generic comments and then let others tweak them to suit their more
informed ideas of what's to come.

When you say a shared copy of a common header, I'm not sure I understand
precisely what that means, but I did find the location of npapi.h in
JavaScriptCore to be somewhat odd.  However, that's definitely where it seems
to be, and there are no other apparent copies in the WebKit code.  If you feel
it should be moved, you'll need to either accomplish that independently of
these changes, or give me some very specific advice on where to move the file
to and why.

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