[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 12941] JavaScript hangs Safari (&nightly)

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(In reply to comment #4)
> while(txt.indexOf('<'+'?xml ') != -1)
>         txt.replace(/^<\?xml .*?>/i,'');
> This replace() doesn't really remove the XML declaration, so it's an infinite
> loop. Firefox has the same behavior.

That may be, but single-stepping with Drosera never returns from the second

I'd have understood if I could see the the loop between the two lines while
single-stepping. This way it just seems to go off to outer space inside the
replace method. Might be a Drosera issue though.

> > Now, Firefox has an ability to interrupt scripts with infinite loops, and
> Safari does not have it. This feature has been already implemented in WebKit
> back-end, but we are waiting for a Safari release that will enable it - this is
> why the problem still happens even with the nightlies.

That would probably be a good idea to avoid DOS attacks from malicous websites.

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