[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 14722] REGRESSION: border is not taken in account with offsetLeft (and probally offsetTop)

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Tue Jul 24 00:53:34 PDT 2007


------- Comment #4 from sjoerd at backbase.com  2007-07-24 00:53 PDT -------
I Agree that the change isnt a regression if this was intented. The problem is
part of a bigger issue: measurement of layout,

- IE has getBoundingClientRect() (offsetTop / offsetLeft is not reliable)
- Gecko has getBoxObjectFor() (offsetTop / offsetLeft is not reliable)
- Opera / Webkit have offsetTop / offsetLeft / offsetParent working reliable.

In Safari 2 and Opera 9 the behavior is like expected, the 'offsetLeft' of the
elements summed together is the value in pixels the element is positioned from
the left side of the screen (78px).

In Safari 3 this changed, sure their can be an exception added for Safari 3 but
it would be quite annoying if in Safari 3.0.1. the behavior is different

That's why i reporting this bug as a regression, a lot of frameworks / toolkits
which use 'offset' properties to measure position need to implement specific
Safari 3 code

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