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           Summary: WebKit loads the wrong resource files
           Product: WebKit
           Version: 522+ (nightly)
          Platform: Macintosh
        OS/Version: Mac OS X 10.4
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: Major
          Priority: P2
         Component: Page Loading
        AssignedTo: webkit-unassigned at lists.webkit.org
        ReportedBy: rush at manbert.com

This bug exists in both the nightly build and in the currently shipping WebKit
that comes with Mac OS X 10.4.10. My Safari version says that it is version
2.0.4 (419.3), where I assume that the WebKit version is 419.3. The following
description duplicates the Radar bug report that I filed with Apple. It
describes the behavior observed when the test program is run with the WebKit
that comes with 10.4.10.

***** Duplicate of Apple Report *****
I am using WebKit to load HTML content from a file. The HTML file contains a
resource reference for an image  file. My application allows the user, via
configuration data, to substitute the referenced image file with a different
image file. I handle this by intercepting the
-(NSURLRequest *)webView:(WebView *)sender resource:(id)identifier 
        willSendRequest:(NSURLRequest *)request redirectResponse:(NSURLResponse
                fromDataSource:(WebDataSource *)dataSource
delegate callback. In that method, I use the original image filename as a
dictionary key and select a different image filename. I then construct a new
NSURLRequest from the file path and return it in place of the original request.
This all works. The problem is that EACH time I load the HTML file I need to
select the proper image file to load, and it can change each time. However,
after the first time I pick a file and load it, the WebKit always loads that
same resource file, no matter what I tell it to do differently.

I have experimented with specifying cache settings on the NSURLRequests, and
they make no difference. The wrong resource gets loaded.

Steps to Reproduce: 
I have included a Xcode project that demonstrates the problem. It started out
as the Special Picture Protocol sample program from Apple. I have modified it
to do the following:
1) It initially loads a file called test.html. At the start of the program and
every time the Reset button is pressed, it resets a page load counter value to
zero and loads test.html.
2) The test.html file loads an image file called test.jpg.
3) In the webView: willSendRequest delegate callback I look for a request for
test.jpg. When I see it, I replace the NSURLRequest with a new one. The new
request is for either even.jpg or odd.jpg, depending on whether the page load
counter is an odd or even value.
4) The replacement NSURLRequest is logged to the console and the page load
counter is incremented.
5) The web page contains a link that reloads test.html. Each time it reloads,
we alternate the image resource file selection.

All you need to do is build and execute the test application. Once the
test.html page is displayed, click on the link to load it again. Note that the
image file is always even.jpg, and is never odd.jpg.

Expected Results: 
I expected that the image file content would alternate between the contents of
even.jpg and odd.jpg

Actual Results: 
What actually happens is that whatever resource file was selected the first
time is always used, no matter what the replacement NSURLRequest says.

You can demonstrate this by editing line 104 in MyController.m If you change it
to say:
pageLoadCounter = 1;

and rebuild the app, you will see that the first time through we load the
odd.jpg image file, and we never see even.jpg.

You can also see there are commented out lines that add the
NSURLRequestReloadIgnoringCacheData cache policy. This can be done in the
original (test.html) request, and in the replacement (even.jpg/odd.jpg)
requests, but it doesn't change the bad behavior.

My real application has multiple independent WebViews open. In that
application, I actually allow my users to localize any resource reference, and
I provide a path registration mechanism that lets me find resources in
different locations, even if the resource filename is not modified. I first saw
this problem because I had two independent WebViews open, and each was running
the same web application, but localized different ways. What I saw was that
both of the windows were loading the image resources that were first loaded for
a particular HTML page. It just mattered which WebView displayed the HTML page
first and how its images were localized. Then those were used by the other
WebView, even though we selected different image files for display.

If I duplicate my application and run two separate application instances, then
this problem does not occur. Each application instance acts independently and
displays the proper data.

It certainly seems that something is being cached, and its key seems to be the
original resource speciication that I am replacing. That's the only explanation
I can come up with for why the same resource file gets loaded over and over.

The attached file "WrongResourceFileLoaded.zip" is an archive of my Xcode
project directory.

'WrongResourceLoaded.zip' was successfully uploaded

12-Jul-2007 04:56 PM Rush Manbert:
I tried to work around this problem by writing my own custom file protocol
handler. I modified my
-(NSURLRequest *)webView:(WebView *)sender resource:(id)identifier 
        willSendRequest:(NSURLRequest *)request redirectResponse:(NSURLResponse
                fromDataSource:(WebDataSource *)dataSource
method so that it ALWAYS creates a new NSURLRequest, even if the original
request was for a local file using the file:// protocol. In these cases, I
return a new request that specifies myfile://localhost//path/to/file as the
URL. What I see is that if the original URL has not been seen, then my file
protocol handler gets called for the replacement NSURLRequest. However, once a
file has been loaded for the original request, then another request for the
same resource file that gets replaced by a DIFFERENT replacement request does
NOT call my protocol handler. Something just returns the file content that was
previously loaded and skips even calling my handler. That is a major problem
and is going to cause me big problems with my customers.

***** End duplicated Apple bug report *****

I have since downloaded the sources, built WebKit, and debugged it. The basic
problem is that WebCore::DocLOader::requestResource() calls
WebCore::Cache::requestResource() with the original URL. That is used as the
hash map key, the resource is not found in the cache, and the cache starts
oading it. This eventually calls my delegate method that changes the URL. The
code detects that I have changed the URL, but it adds the CachedResource to the
cache hash map using the original URL as the key. The next time we try to load
that same original URL, the cached resource is found and used. This despite the
fact that my delegate method, if called, would change the URL to something
different than what it did the first time. The result is that the wrong
resource is loaded. This specific problem is happening with images. My guess is
that there is a similar problem with other resources.

I believe that a better caching approach would be to check for a cache hit
using the original URL as the key, but when this results in a miss, you need to
call my willSendRequest delegate and see if I changed the URL. You then need to
use the new URL as the cache key value. When a subsequent request comes in for
the original URL that results in a miss, you need to call my willSendRequest
delegate and see if the URL changes. At that point you need to check the cache
again using the replaced URL. This will result in a hit after the first time

I have tried to find a surgical way to change the cache behavior, but the
resource loading is all tied up with the cache, so it's not very adaptable.

One thing to note: If I test against the WebKit that is in 10.4.10, my
willSendRequest delegate gets called every time, even if the wrong resource
gets  loaded from the cache. The call stack also looks completely different
from what is seen if I run against the WebKit built from current sources. In
that case, my willSendRequest delegate only gets called the first time for any
image resource. After that, the (incorrect) image is just loaded from the cache
and the willoSendRequest delegate is not called.

The Apple Radar bug for this problem is #5315820.

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