[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 14608] Japanese encoding detection problem: KanjiCode::judge isn't called properly

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Fri Jul 13 18:46:42 PDT 2007


------- Comment #3 from 808caaa4.8ce9.9cd6c799e9f6 at gmail.com  2007-07-13 18:46 PDT -------
Current isJapanese () impl in platform/TextEncodeing.cpp
I don't know enough about m_name behaviour...but
I wonder if m_name is stored BEFORE detectJapaneseEncoding() called.

With ntsd, actually, isJapanese() returns with false almost always.

bool TextEncoding::isJapanese() const
    if (noExtendedTextEncodingNameUsed())
        return false;

    static HashSet<const char*> set;
    if (set.isEmpty()) {
        addEncodingName(set, "x-mac-japanese");
        addEncodingName(set, "cp932");
        // ...
        addEncodingName(set, "Shift_JIS");
    return m_name && set.contains(m_name);

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