[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 14539] Safari randomly can't load pages anymore

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------- Comment #5 from y.kalter at home.nl  2007-07-08 02:40 PDT -------
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> In the summary, you said it doesn't work "anymore".  When did it stop working? 
> Where there any major changes when it stopped working (like a change of ISP, or
> new network hardware)?
When I first bought my iMac, in February, i already had this wireless network.
I use an updated Linksys WRT54G v2.2 router. Also, I haven't changed ISP since.

> Does your MacBook have issues if you connect via a completely different network
> (e.g., home versus work)?
At this moment I can't connect to another network. But I've tried another
router yesterday (Netgear WGR614) and within minutes the problem was there
again on both the MacBook and the iMac.

> If you bypass your wireless router (e.g., use a wired connection directly),
> does that ever exhibit the issue?
I'm going to try that today, I will report back on that later.

> Do you know if your ISP has an transparent HTTP proxy being used upstream from
> you?
Sorry, I don't know. Any way I could see that?

Also, I'm sorry if this isn't a Safari/WebKit bug, but this problem is so hard
to find a solution for.

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