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------- Comment #21 from m.david at xmlhacker.com  2007-07-04 12:02 PDT -------
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> Can we start with only adding node-set() to our own contexts (with
> xsltRegisterExtFunction())? This would avoid affecting other clients in-
> process who are also using libxslt.

The *real* key to all of this, in my own opinion, is providing the -- for all
intents and purposes -- mandatory capability provided by the node-set function
while at the same time providing consistency across browsers.  While the
extended functionality of libexslt is nice, it certainly doesn't do a whole lot
for the cross-browser developer, and having had *MANY* years of experience with
the XSLT communities at large, I can assure that if there is one area of
primary encouragement and focus it is that of maintaining consistency, writing
portable XSLT when at all possible.  And this comes from a world in which the
primary XSLT code base has been written to run on the server where control over
the environment can be maintained.  The point becomes several magnitudes
stronger when you consider that there are 4 primary browsers with enough market
share to force at very least some effort at providing support for each of them.
 In this regard, and while I hate to admit it, providing support past that of
node-set could very easily be seen as a complete waste of time.

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