[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 9929] REGRESSION: crash on logging in on mijnpostbank.nl

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> > A reduction would be, um, most helpful ;).
> I'm going to take a wild guess that it's the first page after logging in that
> is causing the crash.  Try the following:
> 1. Log in using Firefox.
> 2. Save initial page after logging in as "Web Page, Complete".
> 3. Open this saved page in WebKit.  Hopefully it will crash.
> 4a. If it crashes, start the reduction process.
> 4b. If it doesn't crash, try adding a proper <base href=""> tag to the saved
> HTML document to make sure it's able to load in all of the resources from the
> original site (Firefox doesn't rewrite URLs in CSS, for example), then reload
> in WebKit.  Hopefully it will crash, and the reduction process may start.
> If the above doesn't produce a crash in WebKit, then the next step would be to
> look at intermediate pages being loaded during the redirect process.  The
> LiveHTTPHeaders plug-in for Firefox would be helpful in determining all of the
> URLs requested during login.  Otherwise, a packet tracer (like
> Ethereal/Wireshark--which currently requires X11 and Xcode to be installed so
> that it may be built with MacPorts or fink) would be needed to capture
> everything that happens when logging in.

Use webkit, disable JavaScript

Login and when on https://mijn.postbank.nl/internetbankieren/SesamLoginServlet
enter these urls:


Save the last page as a webarchive.

Enable Javascript, then Webkit will crash and Safari won't

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