[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 12463] WebArchiver - attempt to insert nil exception when archive empty iframe

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Mon Jan 29 16:11:07 PST 2007


------- Comment #16 from jim.correia at pobox.com  2007-01-29 16:11 PDT -------
> Jim, is the test application supposed to crash?  Or does it simply not write a
> file when it fails?

The failure case is that a file isn't written because generating the WebArchive
fails due to an exception. You should see this logged in the console:

2007-01-29 18:59:25.100 WebArchiveTester[15984] *** -[NSCFArray addObject:]:
attempt to insert nil

I had a stupid bug in the last testcase app, so I've attached the fixed version
which shows the prob.em.

The same problem happens with shipping WebKit on Tiger, but for a similar
reason in a different piece of code (since the code has been significantly
reworked since the Tiger snapshot.)

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