[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 12440] REGRESSION: repaints inconsistent or draw incorrect with fixed position elements

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Sat Jan 27 08:53:13 PST 2007


------- Comment #14 from kevin at rhubarbproductions.com  2007-01-27 08:53 PDT -------
Alright, every corner I turn reveals more information. I think I've found the
absolute final cause of this from the page side.

So without moving my fixed header div to the end of the file like I mentioned
before, I found what inside the header was causing the issue. The logo in the
upper left is a flash piece implemented inline via:

<SCRIPT src="/js/flash_logo.js" type="text/javascript"></SCRIPT>

When I remove that script tag all problems go away and the screen be refreshed:


It's not the code itself since I can completely blank out the flash_logo.js and
it will still cause the footer to glitch or I can place the entire script
inline without the external js and things will work fine. 


It seems to be just the external linking to files itself that's of issue. This
would explain why it takes 2 refreshes to trigger, I find Safari doesn't
refresh the external linked files like css and js until at least the 2nd

This may also be related to a previous bug I posted:

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