[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 12440] REGRESSION: repaints inconsistent or draw incorrect with fixed position elements

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Sat Jan 27 07:41:26 PST 2007


------- Comment #9 from kevin at rhubarbproductions.com  2007-01-27 07:41 PDT -------
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> This looks like it may be a duplicate of Bug 11109.  Are you using a WebKit
> nightly newer than r19149 to test with?

I'm using r19186, but as it's appearing the core problem of the issue is broken
in Safari also, I don't think it's the same issue.

I've put up another test page with different linked files that form the page
with the main change being moving both of my fixed divs (header and footer) to
the bottom of the code which resolves the out-of position redraw issue and the
clicking the link update issue.


Normally I code them in order - fixed header, non-fixed content, fixed footer.
This way if they use the site options to change their styles to not fixed they
render in the correct positions. Now I have it coded - non-fixed content, fixed
header, fixed footer. With this change they won't appear in the correct
positions when disabling the fixed css unless I do some if/thens based off
their settings via php, which is doable, but it shouldn't have to. A fixed
position div no matter where it's coded should not be affected by the other
non-fixed code.

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