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Fri Jan 26 08:43:24 PST 2007


------- Comment #3 from pewtermoose at gmail.com  2007-01-26 08:43 PDT -------
I took a look at this last night and I'm pretty sure this isn't a bug.

It seems that page has some tag soup tables and they mess up a colspan/rowspan
here and there that, due to subtle rendering differences between engines,
causes us to make the right hand advertising column slightly taller than the
main content column and we end up repeating the background on that table cell
causing the multiple shadows (non-standard background attribute). If you load
it in Firefox and reduce the text size until the right column is taller than
the main column, you'll see the same thing.  Opera does the same thing.

Finally, this only happens on that single page, not any other page that I've
seen on that site (including the main Thinksecret domain) which makes me think
this is just an error on thier end even more.

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