[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 10061] REGRESSION: iExploder(263): Stack overflow (?) in CSS parser

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------- Comment #2 from ap at webkit.org  2007-01-21 02:55 PDT -------
MallocDebug is complaining about a large stack allocation, apparently performed
by bison with alloca(). This is not a regression - with release builds, the
debug message is not generated because the system malloc() is not called on
each allocation, and the stack abuse goes unnoticed.

Furthermore, there seems to be a safeguard against real stack overflow
somewhere - further increasing the number of braces makes the warning go away.

Since I cannot find any real issue related to this debug message, closing as

Here is a stack trace:

#3  0x9b230134 in MDprintf ()
#4  0x9b230f20 in getBacktrace ()
#5  0x9b234470 in MDmalloc ()
#6  0x0059a62c in WTF::fastMalloc (n=4) at
#7  0x01256ff4 in allocateHandle () at
#8  0x0125b2e0 in WebCore::DeprecatedString::DeprecatedString (this=0xbffed1b4,
unicode=0x6fd580, length=664) at
#9  0x011783c4 in WebCore::CSSParser::lex (this=0xbfffd838,
yylvalWithoutType=0xbfffc570) at
#10 0x012e09ec in cssyylex (cssyylval=0xbfffc570) at CSSGrammar.y:156
#11 0x012e0e5c in cssyyparse (parser=0xbfffd838) at bison.simple:432
#12 0x01178a54 in WebCore::CSSParser::parseDeclaration (this=0xbfffd838,
declaration=0x6bc7a60, string=@0x6c0a960) at
#13 0x01393df0 in WebCore::CSSMutableStyleDeclaration::parseDeclaration
(this=0x6bc7a60, styleDeclaration=@0x6c0a960) at
#14 0x012eeb78 in WebCore::StyledElement::parseMappedAttribute (this=0x7291b60,
attr=0x6c0a950) at /Users/ap/WebKit/WebCore/dom/StyledElement.cpp:227

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