[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 12302] New: Regression: one of my margins is bigger than it used to be

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Wed Jan 17 08:53:59 PST 2007


           Summary: Regression: one of my margins is bigger than it used to
           Product: WebKit
           Version: 420+ (nightly)
          Platform: Macintosh
               URL: http://web.nickshanks.com/personal/cv
        OS/Version: Mac OS X 10.4
            Status: NEW
          Severity: Normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: CSS
        AssignedTo: webkit-unassigned at lists.webkit.org
        ReportedBy: contact at nickshanks.com

This has been in ToT for at least 6 months, i assumed it was going to go away
like many other CSS regressions do, but alas it hasn't.

View the given URL in both shipping WebKit 419.3 (Safari 2.0.4) and a ToT
build. Notice how the left margin is bigger than it was before?

The old WebKit renders the same as Opera and Firefox.
I have some custom CSS for IE so ignore that in comparisons.

I have been trying to figure out what it is without success, so I can't yet
provide a reduction. Perhaps a fresh set of eyes can spot it (I can only stare
at this CSS for so long before it becomes meaningless!)

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