[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 12479] ASSERTION FAILURE: resource->inCache() in WebCore::Cache::remove

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Fri Feb 16 15:39:00 PST 2007


------- Comment #7 from mitz at webkit.org  2007-02-16 15:38 PDT -------
The reason this doesn't happen with, say, two images with the same src in the
same document is that a DocLoader maintains a list of reloaded URLs, so it will
not issue multiple requests to load the same URL.

I can think of two ways to address this bug:

1) Say that it's okay that separate documents (which can be in different
iframes in the same parent document or in two different windows) reload
separately, remove the ASSERT, and in the case that the resource is not in the
cache skip straight to the canDelete() check. This will have the side effect of
actually doing two loads of the same resource in parallel instead of having the
second frame/window join in on the reload that's in progress.

2) Manage the "reloaded URLs" or "reloading URLs" list/status in the Cache.
Clients will need to tell the cache that they want a resource reloaded, and the
cache will see if a reload of the URL is in progress. If so, it will hand back
the reloading resource. Otherwise, it will remove an existing resource (if any)
and create a new one. The part I'm unclear about here is when a resource should
transition from "reloading" to "loaded" status.

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