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> Did you copy the Mac OS 9 Arial font and install it in an OS X font folder?  Is
> that was causes the issue?

No, as said above :
"One found in Users/me/Library/Fonts
One in HD/Library/Fonts
And one on another HD (inside the MacOs 9 System Folder/Fonts)."

For whatever reason, I found the OS 9 font activated this morning, and the
So I deactivated it again and removed it from its OS 9 system folder. The bug
disapeared instantly, even without a reboot.

Now, about the geneva thing, have a look at this :
<p style="font-family:geneva,verdana,arial">I uppercase normal <b>I uppercase

Webkit correctly uses the geneva font to render the text. The bold part is a
bit ugly though.
Now, Safari with the regular webkit renders the "normal" part in geneva but
clearly uses verdana to render the bold part. If I remove verdana from the
stylsheet, it will use arial, skipping geneva in all cases...Why?
>From my point of view, this explains the overall sharper rendering in Safari
over webkit when using sans-serif bold fonts.


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