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------- Comment #12 from fabriceperrinel at gmail.com  2007-02-06 17:17 PDT -------
I re-enabled the Arial font in /Users/me/Library/Fonts and rebooted to no
However, the more I look at all that, the less it's clear for me :
Could you have a look at this screenshot again please?
It was taken before I removed the MacOs 9 Arial font.
This is the corresponding live url at MacUpdate :

1) Do you see the bold-blurred column to the right (Badia Software, 976,
etc...) ?
The fonts specified in the stylesheet are "geneva,verdana,lucida
console,arial,helvetica,sans-serif" for the blue links and "ms sans serif,
Arial, Geneva, Verdana" for the grey text and the "Quark" links bellow.
As I don't have "ms sans serif", the grey text is rendered with arial, so the
bug. You can notice that the blue links (geneva) are a bit spooky too...
Now, I've removed the old arial font so the grey text is perfect and the blue
links still spooky.

2) Strangely enough, the regular webkit doesn't render the blue links with the
spooky geneva bold but with a nice and sharp verdana bold instead (???), while
the mozilla engine render the correct geneva bold but sharper...

What do you think?


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