[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 16548] REGRESSION(r28810): Font style and sizes are weird for Japanese text

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------- Comment #11 from 808caaa4.8ce9.9cd6c799e9f6 at gmail.com  2007-12-21 20:20 PDT -------
Current impl meaning is, I think
if each UNICODE characters CAN BE simplifiedChinese(CP936), they are all
simplifiedChinese char.

Currently many many chars, not only Kanji but also alphanumeric chars are
detected as
(Chinese | Japanese | Korean | more...) by mlang.dll, and rendered with
unfamiliar fonts
(for-Chinese system fonts, it's forced preinstalled to Japanese NT too,
specified by windows/inf/intl.inf).

I don't know now how to solve this gently, with considaration of international
use of WebKit.
I'll think over while doing houseworks today....

The quickest *temporary* hack is exclude Japanese installation, simply
        if (GetACP()==932){ /* is Japanese */}
so hacks like:
        if (/*TEMPHACK*/GetACP()!=932 && actualCodePages && ...

Some anonymous testers says this hacks avoids current problem.

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