[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 16310] Scroll bars don't render correctly on some HTML pages, even though there is a portion of the view reserved for them

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Mon Dec 17 17:09:31 PST 2007


------- Comment #17 from agiyengar at yahoo.com  2007-12-17 17:09 PDT -------
Hi Darin

I tested this patch a bit and it works well. 

However, looking at the code in updateScrollBars, there may be a corner case as
1. The two pass loop makes a decision that scrollbars are needed in the first  
2. The subsequent frame view layout in the second pass now results in the 
   contents size shrinking to the size of the visible area in the frame which 
   excludes the width/height of the frame. We do call updateScrollBars again in 
   the context of the layout function, however it does not do anything as it is
   in the same context.
3. After the two pass loop exits, we then check if the scrollbars should be 
   enabled, by checking the contentsheight/width with the visible height/width,
   which could reduce due to the layout. As a result we may end up with

I could not reproduce this though. I think the patch is good for now.

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