[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 16405] Web Inspector element hilighting spans tabs, doesn't recalculate on scroll, overlaps desktop, etc

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Tue Dec 11 19:02:14 PST 2007


------- Comment #2 from dylanryan at mac.com  2007-12-11 19:02 PDT -------
OK, I figured out how to reproduce the mask over the desktop issue.

1) On this page, Ctrl-click in the Addition Comments text area, and select
"Inspect Element" to open the inspector and mask out the box. 
2) Open a bookmark (or any link) in a new tab (or just create a new empty tab)
and switch to that tab (with the inspector still open, its window is now behind
the main browser window). As noted above, the inspector still shows the mask
around where the text area WAS.
3) While in the new tab, move the browser window a substantial amount (to
reveal the Inspector window).
4) Click the inspector window, and select the "body" node in the inspector.
It will try to mask out where the body WAS before the safari window was moved.
And of course we are not even in the correct tab any more, which doesn't help
matters any

It should be noted that this only happens once per window - once you have seen
it, you will have to start in a new window to see it again. 

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