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------- Comment #2 from allen.sam at gmail.com  2007-08-09 15:33 PDT -------
I have a screenshot of the Performance Monitor on Windows Vista. There are two
lines on the graph: the green line is the network utilization, and the red line
is the processor utilization. Due to the fact that I have 4 cores on my PC, a
single thread running will push the percent CPU usage up to 25%. 

When I load the page in Safari from Bugzilla, the network utilization spikes
for a couple seconds and then returns to zero. The processor time goes to 100%
for about 10 seconds, including the two seconds in which the page is

The right side of the graph shows the CPU usage when the document is loaded
from the disk. There is no network activity (no green) and the CPU is maxed out
for perhaps 1 second. 

During the ten seconds in which one core is at 100% (when the page is loaded
from the network), Safari is unresponsive and unusable. On my 2.4 GHz Core 2, I
even get the spinning cursor. 

So what I appear to be seeing is that Safari takes 8 seconds to render a page
after it has been retrieved from the network, and less than 1 second to render
the page from the hard disk. I don't know if the fact that Safari freezes
during those 8-10 seconds is a separate bug or somehow related.

I might be wrong about the regression label because I am comparing the behavior
from 2 years ago on the Mac to the behavior today on the PC. This might be a
Windows-only problem instead of a regression. 

Other browsers on Windows do not display this behavior. Firefox takes 3-4
seconds of CPU usage to display the table from the network and from the disk. 

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