[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 13534] REGRESSION: setting innerHTML to null doesn't work correctly

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Sat Apr 28 10:52:47 PDT 2007


------- Comment #2 from darin at apple.com  2007-04-28 10:52 PDT -------
The binding for innerHTML is not automatically generated. So unlike bug 13448,
[ConvertNullToNullString] in the IDL file is not the way to fix the bug
(although it would not hurt to have that there to prepare for the day when we
do auto-generate the binding).

The fix for this bug goes in JSHTMLElement::putValueProperty in kjs_html.cpp.
Instead of value->toString(), that function needs to use
valueToStringWithNullCheck() in at least some of the cases.

This is a general problem area for our bindings for functions and properties
that take and return strings. Many are untested about whether they should
accept null or undefined as a special values or return null or undefined rather
than empty string in some cases.

Another problem area is that is untested is whether functions return null or
undefined. I believe we return undefined in many cases where null would be

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