[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 13344] pdf file is getting opened in a new window using adobe plugin

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Tue Apr 24 11:48:45 PDT 2007


------- Comment #8 from madhu.mukund at wipro.com  2007-04-24 11:48 PDT -------

The value of 'type' attribute is validated and it is set to the 'serviceType'
parameter while making the request for the object. Please refer the following
function call.

 bool success = frame->loader()->requestObject(this, url,
AtomicString(o->name()), serviceType, paramNames, paramValues).

If the type attribute is having wrong value, it is getting validated and the
correct value is being set to 'serviceType' from the data attribute. So the
parameter serviceType is ensured to have a correct value. But after this, if
the 'paramNames' include type and a wrong value in 'paramValues', the plugin is
getting opened in a new window. The serviceType seems to be getting overridden
by this value.

To solve this there are two ways.

1. Remove the type from the paramNames and its value from the paramValues, once
type is set to 'serviceType'. (I have followed this in my patch).

2. Set the correct value of type in 'paramValues' from 'serviceType'

So, if it is not OK to follow (1), can I go ahead with (2) and submit the



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