[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 3957] java and flash applets and regular html paint collide

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I’m sorry, but I think there are some issues left, so that this bug is not
fully fixed yet. 

While meanwhile the example page lost it’s function of beeing an example, there
is another one: http://www.adobe.com/ 

Yes, right: with the actual WebKit build (r20914) there is no flickering, as it
occurs in Safari 2.04. But e.g. the contextual menu of a link on a layer over a
Flash movie sports the Flash contextual menu(!), instead of the right one.

On another of your example pages even the cursor changes from pointer to arrow
when hovering over links above the flash movie:
(In this site the is no z-index set for the navigation and/or it’s items, but
even with a higher z-index set, the cursor changes to arrow)

Both cases seem to indicate to me, that the Flash movie is not really behind
the hovered layer, i guess …

See also Bug #10111, where I posted pretty the same Comment

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