[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 13354] REPRODUCIBLE ASSERT: range != nil in WebViewFactory.mm:415 -[WebViewFactory startOfTextMarkerRange:]

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Sun Apr 15 12:27:15 PDT 2007


ddkilzer at webkit.org changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
           Priority|P2                          |P1
            Summary|ASSERT: range != nil in     |REPRODUCIBLE ASSERT: range
                   |WebViewFactory.mm:415 -     |!= nil in
                   |[WebViewFactory             |WebViewFactory.mm:415 -
                   |startOfTextMarkerRange:]    |[WebViewFactory
                   |                            |startOfTextMarkerRange:]

------- Comment #2 from ddkilzer at webkit.org  2007-04-15 12:27 PDT -------
Back to P1--new repeatable steps to reproduce.

1. Open Safari/WebKit.
2. Open URL (or any page with an <input type="text"> in it.
3. Click in the text field.
4. Type text like "asdf".
5. Use Cmd-Tab to switch to another application (so Safari/WebKit loses focus).
6. Hit Cmd-Tab to switch back to Safari/WebKit.  DO NOT CLICK IN ANY SAFARI
7. Position the mouse pointer over "asdf" in the text field.
8. Hit Cmd-Ctrl-D to bring up the dictionary.

At this point, the assert should be hit on a debug build and Safari/WebKit will

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