[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 10932] SVGDocument::createElement does not create elements in the SVG namespace

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Tue Sep 26 15:48:38 PDT 2006


------- Comment #15 from ian at hixie.ch  2006-09-26 15:48 PDT -------
createElement(), IMHO, should either use the null namespace, or the XHTML
namespace. Either way, it should be consistent across all XML content.

createElement() in text/html content should create elements with the XHTML
namespace (according to HTML5).

By making createElement in XML create XHTML, we could have createElement() be
consistent across all DOM, regardless of MIME type (XML vs XHTML vs HTML vs
SVG). I don't know if that's a win; it does mean that XHTML is somehow a higher
class citizen in the DOM than other languages. Making createElement() use the
null namespace in XML content makes sense to me, but it probably isn't as
useful to authors transitioning from HTML to X(HT)ML.

(SVG authors are not as numerous and in any case should always have been using
the createElementNS() methods in the first place, so I don't feel bad for

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