[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 10884] WebView keyboard navigation does not allow positioning cursor / collapsed selectedDOMRange within empty elements

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------- Comment #2 from robburns1 at mac.com  2006-09-19 18:53 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #1)
In reply to my own comment and after further testing the general keyboard
navigation (when the document does not contain generated content:; see bug
http://bugzilla.opendarwin.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10123) is probably working as
intended. In other words its working consistently with other text systems such
as the cocoa text system. However, I think when editing HTML/XML content there
are some important differences that WebKit should take into consideration. When
setting the cursor next to an element, the user requires the ability to place
it either inside or outside the element depending on whether the about to be
inserted text is part of the element or not. For example (pipe character
representes cursor, aka insertion-point aka  collapsed selectedDOMRange)

with this text fragment with a q element the curor could be either "inside|" or
"oustide"| the q element.

This example applies to all inline elements though its most visible with the
<q> element. In my view the pressing of the left arrow key when the cursor is
to the left of the word "outside" should move the cursor inside the inline
element. For a <strong> element this means the cursor would not visibly move
whiloe for the <q> element the cursor would move to the left of the css
generated content. So for most elements the user would simply experience an
extra left-arrow pressing when entering or exiting inline elements.

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