[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 8126] Padding must not apply to column

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------- Comment #6 from hyatt at apple.com  2006-09-11 00:37 PDT -------
This change is probably worth explaining (I enhanced the comment a bit in my
tree).  When computing the minimum and maximum preferred widths for cells, we
have a method called styleOrColWidth that attempts to snag the width from the
cell, and if not set there, it uses the column.

The problem arises when fixed widths are specified on the column.  For
percentage widths on cells vs. columns there is no difference, since a
box-sizing rule of border-box is effectively what is assumed in all cases.

For fixed widths though the behavior is different.  A fixed width column is
*still* applied to the border box of the cell.  Therefore we need to subtract
out the border and padding of the cell from the width returned.  It will then
get added back in later.

(This does mean we'll fail degenerate cases where the border/padding exceed the
column width, but the table code is full of that problem, and I'm not overly
concerned about it.)

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