[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 11423] REGRESSION: First newline missing from textarea's value

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Thu Oct 26 16:34:06 PDT 2006


------- Comment #5 from justin.garcia at apple.com  2006-10-26 16:34 PDT -------
It was definitely my changes in r17223 that caused this.  

Before, when inserting a line break after the first paragraph, 'foo', we'd
insert a '\n' (because the text is white-space:pre, and then we'd insert an
extra br so that the '\n' would hold its own line open, and the extra br was
inserted after the '\n'.  Now the br is inserted before the '\n', and so it is
the '\n' that is displaced by 'bar', leaving the br to break the line, whereas
before it was the br that was displaced, and '\n' held open the line. 
Apparently, there is a serialization bug that leaves out brs.

The quick fix is to, in InsertLineBreakCommand, use the same type of node that
we used for the line break in the case that that break collapsed because it was
inserted at the end of a block.

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