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------- Comment #7 from mike.emmel at gmail.com  2006-10-17 22:13 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #6)

Here is the bug about auto-formatting I received no response on it.


> (In reply to comment #5)
> > AffineTransform has lots of commented out code in it.  Your second patch has
> > changes to the header -- did you intend to include changes to the
> > implementation too?
> > 
> > In GraphicsContextCairo::pathDebugString, and other places, you have
> > inconsistent use of spaces around assignments.  You also have the ()'s placed
> > incorrectly next to if's in that function, and others.
> > 
> > You have braces around a single-line if inside Path::operator=. 
> > Path::strokeBoundingRect appears to have incorrect indentation, and incorrect
> > spacing in the "if" statement.
> > 
> > The Page constructor in PageGdk.cpp has its member initialization incorrectly
> > laid out.  Page::windowRect has incorrect spacing around if statements.
> > 
> > I could easily go on, but as you say it is a lot of code.
> > 
> Okay fixed that one its easy once some one points it out. Thanks.
> Not sure how to go forward I can keep resubmitting the patch but unless 
> I get a few pointers its going to be a long drawing out process.
> I actually have dyslexia pretty bad so generally I use automated formatters
> since I physically can't see stuff like this unless some points it out.
> I had to stare at the windowRect function for several minutes before I even saw
> what your saying.
> So far with the current coding style the tools I have cause more problems then
> they cure. I've got a mac mini but I did not see that you could set it up for
> indenting correctly.
> I filed a bug a while back about auto formatting and with my condition it
> really really helps.
> In the interim please point these issue out if I know to look for a certain
> issue I'll eventually see it.  I did file a bug about auto-formatting and I do
> try honest and I hate to claim a weakness but on the same had I can't fix what
> I can't see.

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