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------- Comment #11 from llscotts at fastmail.fm  2006-11-26 09:32 PDT -------
Hi again,I've attached the crash listing for WebKit from this morning... I'm
working in the latest Leopard client seed today, but this is from the WebKit

The problem extensions appear to be the following:
 - SafariStand 2.0beta v16 and v17
 - SafariBlock 1.14
 - Safaritidy 0.2.1

The first two bundles can run if the other isn't also loaded, whereas
safaritidy causes a crash no matter what other extensions are loaded with it.

By the way, extensions that appear to be completely "good citizens" in this
scenario include (these aren't necessarily exclusively Safari extensions):
 - CocoaTextSelectionHelper (abracode)
 - HotService (devon technologies)
 - Inquisitor (david watanabe)
 - SafariScript (nadamac.de)
 - Smart Crash Reports (unsanity)
 - SIMBL (mike soloman)
 - SetAlphaValue (mparrot)
 - TextExtras (mike ferris)

I'll notify the three "bad" extension authors about the problem. Thanks for the
semantics lesson, by the way.  I knew that architecturally extensions were
different from plugins (look at the "Installed Plugins" page in Safari...), but
I just haven't been disciplined about using the proper terminology.  :-)

Hope this helps a little bit...


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