[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 11689] WebKit nightly crashes on launch

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------- Comment #6 from bdash at webkit.org  2006-11-25 09:11 PDT -------
The "Error swizzling" and "Couldn't find ..." messages are from one of the
extensions that is being loaded, quite possibly the one that is causing the

Can you please provide a backtrace from that crash?  When stopped at the GDB
prompt as shown in your output, type bt and hit enter.  That will provide the
information needed to see the context in which this crash has occurred.

> After this, I disabled InputManagers by renaming the folder, and WebKit runs. 
> However, clearly there's something wrong with WebKit if you have to disable all
> InputManagers in order for it to run.  It needs to be able to "survive" in the
> real world...

An extension is able to execute any code that it wants in the same process and
address space that the WebKit framework runs in.  It can do basically
_anything_, including exiting, crashing, or changing the behaviour of existing
code.  If the extension changes the behaviour of existing code in such a way
that it breaks invariants that WebKit expects to hold and eventually leads to a
crash, this is definitively not a bug in WebKit.

> P.S. Remember, this error only cropped up after October 25.  Prior to that,
> WebKit worked fine.  I think there may be a problem in the way WebKit is
> disabling plugins it doesn't like as it launches.  Also, what is "swizzling"?

WebKit doesn't disable any "plugins" on launch.  It tells the Mac OS X runtime
to prefer the bundled WebKit frameworks over the ones in /System/, and then
launches Safari.  It looks for bundles that are loaded into Safari so that it
can warn users to disable them before filing bug reports about the crashes that
they cause, which we have little to no ability to address.

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