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------- Comment #10 from mitz at webkit.org  2006-11-17 11:38 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #6)
> Not in this case. In this case I could add something like:
> > +    if (!m_menu) {
> > +        //FIXME: in this spot right here a code to detect
> > +        //       who should own the menu should go. unfortunately
> > +        //       i'm not sure what exactly should own it which makes
> > +        //       me think that using qlist with a structure representing
> > +        //       this class might make more sense
> > +        m_menu = new QMenu();
> > +    }

I thought so too, but it turns out that the "no braces around one-liners" rule
also applies to a single line of code preceded by a comment (there is such an
example in the guidelines).

> All in all, I think we'll have to work out a different solution for the compile
> fixes by which they're not r-'ed because of trailing whitespace and comments
> you don't understand.

That is already the case. I also have no problem with not r-ing patches that
don't conform to the style guidelines.

> We need to get compile fixes very quickly

Conforming to the style guidelines doesn't conflict with getting compile fixes
very quickly.

> maybe we could
> come to some understanding by which either i'm being trusted that i know what
> i'm doing with my code or maybe you could take and remove/change whatever you
> feel is necessary to follow any kind of style you feel that code should follow.

I can't do that.

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