[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 11545] Disable the old testcases do not follow the ECMA-262v3 specification.

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Fri Nov 10 06:07:51 PST 2006


------- Comment #3 from digdog at macports.org  2006-11-10 06:07 PDT -------
File:///WebKit/JavaScriptCore/tests/mozilla/js1_2/String/concat.js has 4 tests:

aString.concat([]);  // js1.2 expected: test string[]
aString.concat([1,2,3]);  // js1.2 expected: test string[1,2,3]
'abcde'.concat([]);  // js1.2 expected: abcde[]
'abcde'.concat([1,2,3]); // js1.2 expected: abcde[1,2,3]

According to ECMA, the argument of concat should send to ToString and
convert into a string value (not String object). So these arguments will be
convert into '' and '1,2,3' under ECMA-262v3, not the js1.2 expected '[]' and

The correct results should be:
test string
test string1,2,3

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